Arts Expression of Lima Gunung Communities and Social Ritual in the Perspective of Ethnochoreology


  • Aton Rustandi Mulyana


Ethnochoreology, art performance, social harmony, communities, ritual social


This article is a research result of ethnochoreological perspective applied to Tthe Lima Gunung expression on the ritual social through the arts activities among five mountains communities arround Central Java. Five mountain communities in Central Java include the people of Mount Andong, Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, and Mount Sumbing. This article is also will strives an specific approach called ethnochoroeological perspectives. The ethnochoreological perspective views dance in culture and views dance as an understanding of humanity through the dance. In this sense, many artistic expressions are presented for the purpose of social harmony in society. Art expression exists as an event and is related to social rituals. Data would be observed like qualitative method by using analysis and verification in ethnography project, and it presented from audio visual documents in the field combined by visual photography sources, and descriptive analysis. For this reason this article depicting a whole portraits of mode of expression in the first year research of ethnochoreological perspective of art performance and its contextual field of social integration and harmony belong to five mountains communities.