• Kasim Rakhmonov


Land Cadastre, informatization, land plot, cadastral number, servitude


The economic essence of the rational reasons and protection of land is based on the effective maintenance of the state land cadastre, which is profound and important. Due to the need for information on the land fund, the maintenance of the land cadastre is objective. Land Cadastre is an important system for planning the industry's economic development, land reclamation in the territorial location and specialization of agricultural production, the implementation of agricultural activities related to the use of other resources, and information. When managing a land-use system, land cadastre information stems from the fact that it is necessary to perform all management functions. The information is necessary primarily for managing land relations and developing relevant laws and regulations, planning and forecasting land use, cross-sectoral allocation and redistribution of land resources, and assessing the country's land-use efficiency as a whole. This information requires land resources to be applied at the regional and local levels. Thus, land cadastre information is required in all aspects of land use. This puts the land cadastre in charge of providing information in the process. Land Cadastre requires information. This information should include reliable information about the land's natural, economic, and legal conditions. The development of the country's economy and the constant need for this information determine the development of the land cadastre as a single system. In the division of the land cadastre as a unit of two systems, for example, information management serves as a basis for raising objective and legal issues in the organization of the implementation process of problems and goals. The article analyzes the continuous improvement, systematization, storage, and updating of land cadastre information development technology and provides users with reliable and cost-effective land cadastre information as one of the main tasks of the state land cadastre.


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